Looking for Alliance

Decent 5 Star roster can get through AQ map 5 last time I was on AW was never my strong suit


  • Sniperarm_7Sniperarm_7 Posts: 41
    Line message me at Muffinstud7. We run 5 days of Map5. War is optional
  • KingCap512KingCap512 Posts: 10
    I’m US time zone and can pretty much get on whenever even at work
  • Hi!

    We are running daily map4, earning consistently 120+ m points /week.

    AW not mandatory (2 BG, Gold 3).

    We are respectful and fairly relaxed.

    We are Besf Fighters [besf]. I am rossignol1976 in the game and on Line. I sent you a friend request and an invitation to join us. I hope that you will consider.
  • TonRenzoTonRenzo Posts: 14
    Sent alliance invite. Give us a try. We do maps 5-4-3 and AW is optional. We have 2 Thronebreakers in the team and others building up there. Glory is all for your resources no need to spend them on potions for those hard wars or even AQ
  • ScrubnabsterScrubnabster Posts: 13
    Map5x5 - 3 BGs AQ and AW optional (usually 5 wars for who want just the little rewards).
    If interested add me on line, ID: Scrubnabster ( same in the game)
  • Sent you friend Request in game. Adult, predominantly US based ally scoring 270mil aq focused. If interested add me on line at dirt0613
  • _Barabbas__Barabbas_ Posts: 91
    FFWK is looking for players. Barabbas on Line.
  • Sanz99Sanz99 Posts: 17
    Hey I have map5 and war is optional in game name is sanz99 and line id is thetruesanz99 hit me up
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