Arena glitching again two days after maintenance

Is this going to be fixed or are we just going to have to keep guessing?e0lvacia7y5n.png


  • Hey There!

    So, this isn't something that would have been fixed in the maintenance, but looks like missing assets. Could you try to delete and reinstall the game, and make sure that you're on a strong wifi connection when you download the game files?
  • 2Cents2Cents Posts: 8
    I'm sure they're not the only one @Kabam Miike, but thanks for the typical Kabam response of it's always the wifi connection or the players individual issue. It's expected after every "maintenance" that there will be new issues arise, funny that the player base has become accustomed to that, yet kabam employees STILL refuse to acknowledge this repetition. I guess you guys don't play as much as you claim ?
  • JcmdawgJcmdawg Posts: 22
    I saw this same issue 1 time during the last arena run.
  • Myxkidz77Myxkidz77 Posts: 74
    I’ve reinstalled the game and redid all my masteries thinking something got messed up. My WiFi is strong and have good internet. This is something that pops up from time to time. Even if I’m just using cellular. But yes when I send these reports to support they tell me exactly the same thing. Every time. I got so frustrated with game play I had to quit boss challenge. After blowing through all my resources and then some. This seems to really be affecting iPhone 7/7+ users on many levels. But thank you mike.
  • Myxkidz77Myxkidz77 Posts: 74
    Went against my judgement and reinstalled AGAIN... and it’s worse now...
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