How many "Bugs" are non-advertised "node" mechanics or buffs?

A while back I wrote on here to see if anyone noticed "Last run" difficulty. Where on the last pass of a map for completion of a chapter every node seems ramped up in difficulty. I'm talking noticeable obvious things.

Ex: You just went through a map 5 times previous and never lost a single champ and had most of your health, now on the last run for 100%, parry doesn't work, your blocks are broken, trying to evade but you stand still and get hit, huge block penetration, special and heavy's slide far across the entire screen, your buffs and de-buffs activate far less often, etc.
I response, many of you community members said, "Yup it is a known thing that kabam does. They take the last run of any quest or story chapter map and basically 'death squad' the nodes. It sucks but we know it happens."

So my question is, how often does kabam do this in such an obvious way and not advertise it? At that point every one thinks they are "BUGS" when in fact they are intended mechanics changes to make the content harder. Which is why it doesn't seem to get "fixed".

The last run is a good test because you can see the difference EVERY time and therefore KNOW that something unadvertised is causing you this trouble on purpose.

So is it BUGS or intended mechanics on everything else? How can we tell kabam?


  • jcruz2133jcruz2133 Posts: 123
    In all honesty, I noticed this today too. For some strange reason that last run to get 100% completion, was just a LITTLE BIT harder haha.
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