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so doing exploration of v7 and I'm up to 2.2 and struggling to think of who can do this fight... Not spent items yet

For the life of me I can't think of any tech/skill champs that are incinerate immune.

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    Hmmm, there's night thrasher, not sure if you have him. High sig guardian might work. You can nuke it, or super slow play it if needed. Or parry, heavy, run with warlock.

    Only have guardian as a 4*.. hmm maybe thinking blade (he's only R1 Sig 40... Literally pulled him for the first time a couple of weeks back and pulled him a further 2 the past week.. lmao) other than that might have to max boost and warlock it.. does seem like a unit fight
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    I did the parry heavy with hulkbuster. Stay away from him when aura of incinerate is active.
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    🧐 blade...he did it without effort. A rank 3 would work or a 4*. Super easy with him.
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    I did same as parry and heavy with warlock
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    It’s not hard. I did a bit of health with Blade unduped 3/45 then just switched to HB and parry heavied with minimal health loss.
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    Yeah I did it with warlock
    Parry, heavy and run away during aura

    It’s a slower fight but pretty simple
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    Another synergy is Nick Fury and certain Tech champs ( in my case IMIW).
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    It actually wasn't a bad fight tbh
    First run was a solo and then 2nd time I got the spacing wrong countering his heavy lol
    1 revive used.

    Edit: thank you all for the help
    Used warlock mostly parry heavy play style

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    Dusted off my Blade for this one :)
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    Starky did it for me build up 10 poise nuke him down
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    Falcon help here? I mean he shuts everything else down
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