Android Clear Cashe problem

Hi mates. I dont know if anyone else has the same problem or the problem is solved in any dscussion back in the days of releas the last update, in android devices me and some members in my alliance with android devices we have the same problem after we clear cashe in ours devices and try to login in, the game download evry time........!!!! the last update i think about 455MB. Is any solution for that ?


  • RaaRaa Posts: 293
    Only solution is to download a cleaner app and add mcoc to the list of ignored apps for cleaning, or just dont clean your cache.
  • Xcrøss_TRXcrøss_TR Posts: 121
    You have too less capacity on your phone or tablet . The data is not complete because the less capacity
  • Hey there! We have a thread stickied at the top of this section of the forums on the topic. Clearing the cache will result in the additional files being downloaded to your device. There are more details on the thread mentioned previously, located here.
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