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Which champs need buffs the most? Ones with multiple weak versions

IcePickIcePick Posts: 143
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No champs are in need of buffs more than ones with multiple versions in the current game and each of them mediocre at best. The biggest example of this was Magneto - in the comics he was sometimes referred to as the “most powerful mutant in the world” but both versions were lousy. Kabam fixed this well. It’s ok to play an underwhelming champ (mr sinister should be near apocalypse level ) but to have to play multiple versions is a crime.

On the other hand - champs like captain America (original), captain marvel and Sentry don’t need buffs that urgently since there a version of each which is beyond god tier. Fans still get to experience a powerful version of each while dealing with the mediocrity of the other..

So who is still lousy in multiple versions?

Iron man has several versions out including the recent centurion. Hopefully this recent one is better, but the former ones are either terrible or high in utility but low in damage (IMIW). SIM, War Machine and original OG are all in the meme tier. Iron man deserves better - he is the most popular superhero of the last 15 years, after all....

Groot is terrible and King Groot is mediocre at best - if you have him awakened and attack when he has furies built up he is about the 20th best cosmic in the game. Groot shouldn’t be beyond god tier, but at least he should be as good as dead, gamora and star lord.

Black panther definitely fits into this category but he is already due a buff

Juggernaut and unstoppable colossus are both meme tier champs. This is not acceptable. They should be feared. Haven’t feared juggernaut since chapter 4 where you had to kill him in one shot. So many champs undermine his unstoppable that he needs a new mechanic.

Cyclops - two of them both extremely mediocre. But buff him last - mutant class is already far too powerful as it is and he shouldn’t be anything special - but he should have an apocalypse or professor x type affect on synergies perhaps - he is a leader after all

Deadpool - extremely popular hero - meme tier for his most common incarnation and mediocre for the rarities. At least give Deadpool x some healing

Thor - this is almost criminal. He should be near Hyperion level of awesome and his classic is mediocre now and the ragnarok version needs to be duped at high sig and use a special 3 just to be an average skill champ.

Hulk - tough call. All of them are useful but none of them are really god tier. But hulk should be a HUGE damage dealer with health, just no utility.

Finally - a better guardians of the galaxy synergy - something like +10 or +20 percent damage for each extra team member. The fantastic four has benefits to playing Them all together, so should guardians
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  • TheManMythLegendTheManMythLegend Posts: 4,880 ★★★★★
    Groot. Iron fist. Iron man. Patriot. War machine. Supreme iron man. Rhino. Are some of the champs in desperate need of a buff.
  • StarlordisWickedStarlordisWicked Posts: 288
    iron fist is one I missed - there are two versions (though one is extremely rare). at least have him like Wasp - HUGE damage but eggshell skull.
  • IcePickIcePick Posts: 143
    Yeah good point on iron fist. I missed him too. I guess iron patriot is sort of in the iron man family as well even though I think of him as Norman Osborne.
  • R1s02R1s02 Posts: 199
    So I love experimenting and have ranked up a lot of trash champs but imo the ones who should be buffed are dpx, groot, imog and war machine.
  • Jr_StarkJr_Stark Posts: 181 ★★
    I would love OG Iron Man and Thor buff.
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