Autoplay issues

hermherm Posts: 384 ★★
I am aware none of these are bugs, I would just like them to be fixed/added.

1. Autoplay should skip transmissions whether you've completed the quest or not.

It defeats the purpose of the feature if they still pop up. We want to be able to complete quests without ever touching the screen once we select autoplay

2. Autoplay should not go on hold when you lose a champ.

Whenever autoplay loses a fight, it stops. I understand why this might happen, but it's kind of annoying. At least let us toggle whether or not we want it to continue upon defeat.

3. Bring back plat-pool stuff.

With the newly improved autoplay mechanic, I along with many others would like to get our hands on the double-speed auto fight machine. But there hasn't been a single way to earn him or earn pieces of him since like December. He's all over the side event. Let us get plat-pool.

That's all I have to say. If anyone else has some requests for improving the autoplay mechanic or would like to expand on what I've stated, feel free. Autoplay is about offering an optimizable, hands-off experience for players. We should get some say in how it works.


  • hermherm Posts: 384 ★★
    Auto fight also seems to suck more with the new update...
  • hermherm Posts: 384 ★★
    I'd say that platinumpool part has aged fairly well lmao
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