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Community's Choice Champion Update: VOTE NOW!



  • LordFreyLordFrey Posts: 2

  • Jemster519Jemster519 Posts: 205
    Antman would be a great choice as many already use Ghost and Wasp and he brings a great synergy with him. It would be awesome to have him upgraded on top of his Formidable Foe and the Hard to Hit synergies.
  • Ant man
  • johnirvjohnirv Posts: 2
    Joe Fix it cause I got him 6*
  • SandPounderSandPounder Posts: 214 ★★
    My 6* awakened Jane Foster needs some serious love.
  • Silver_Surfer48Silver_Surfer48 Posts: 1
    I picked agent venom because I have him as a six star and he sucks at the moment, but I respect everybody else’s vote 👍
  • MvrainMvrain Posts: 1
  • Bovasaurus1Bovasaurus1 Posts: 3
  • TennisshoetidyTennisshoetidy Posts: 2
    How is Khamal Khan on EVERYONES roster practically, weak as all get out to say the least and, ONLY 2% vote for an upgrade, hahahaha, smh. I dont understand it......someone please school me on this. Thank you's in advance.
  • Seems like people don't realize that they can vote for 2...
  • HongKongPh00eyHongKongPh00ey Posts: 26
    I voted Jane Foster because the update will be done in time for the new Thor movie. But I wouldn’t mind Ant-Man so I could actually use him on a Ghost team
  • GAMA_FIST_2016GAMA_FIST_2016 Posts: 9
    My vote went for Guillotine, I was debating between Guillotine and agent venom.
  • RhodeyRhodey Posts: 1
    I totally get Antman but gully and jane foster? Come on Agent Venom needs something
  • Jazzy011Jazzy011 Posts: 81
    edited April 28
    It's gonna be ant-man darnit and it's not even close... really wish it was Thor Jane Foster :/

    Antman would be a great choice as many already use Ghost and Wasp and he brings a great synergy with him. It would be awesome to have him upgraded on top of his Formidable Foe and the Hard to Hit synergies.

    Ant-Man synergy is the most worthless one though Ghost doesn't need the extra damage. At least Hood and Wasp bring useful utility.
  • Antman !!!!!!
  • Antman!!!!!! :)
  • DamikaiDamikai Posts: 3
    Guillotine needs that buff soo bad
  • AlexisFanlooAlexisFanloo Posts: 1
    I vote for Ant-man, he is very important in the MCU movies and is a very loved character in the game, apart from his synergy with Ghost, and he also has great potential to be a very useful character, that is also added to the fact that only They have improved a scientific character, which was yellowyacket and his improvement was not very good, Ant-Man is that character that we all want to have for his design and movies, but we know that it will not help us, more than as a synergy of Ghost , kabam can change that, and do the character justice.
  • overkill5150overkill5150 Posts: 13
    Jane foster all the way....
  • StarMargarine1StarMargarine1 Posts: 1

  • BitterSteelBitterSteel Posts: 6,675 ★★★★★

    I wonder if the Ant-Man voters will actually use him after his buff.

    I am speed.

    Why wouldn't we?
    2 sides to this then. 1 side contains people that will actually use Ant-Man post buff. I know the vote hasn't even ended but he has clearly won by a landslide. Then the other side is just Ghost.

    I am speed.
    Why is that a problem? If people want to buff ant man so they can have him as a useful synergy partner who are you to say it's an issue?
    It wouldn't be pleasing to know that people voted for a champion that they never intended on using. You obviously think differently to this scenario and that's fine. This is just my thought on the case.

    I am speed.
    But if they never intended to use him why would they vote for him? Anyone who is voting for ant man as a ghost synergy partner is hoping to have a useful champion to bring along. I haven't seen anyone say that antman should be buffed, only to fully intend not to use him. What I have seen, is a lot of people who arent voting for ant man saying that people are only voting for ant man because of ghost- in which case, who cares? Why are so many people telling others their reason to vote for a champion is wrong?
    It seems like a nuisance to others. A champion getting buffed only to be a better synergy piece rather than a stand-alone champion would definitely annoy some people. If the majority of Ant-Man users end up not using him it'll seem like a waste to many.

    I am speed.
    Voting for ant man is the best choice for me as a player, I have him as a 6*, I have a science awakening gem, I also have ghost rank 3. I want to use him alone, with ghost or whatever I would like. because that's how i'd like to play the game. It seems really childish to tell someone their reason for voting is wrong, just because you disagree with it. And again, why would ant man not be used? Despite popular belief, ghost can't do everything- Ant man can help fill those gaps. That's why I, and a lot of others, are voting him
  • Spyros21Spyros21 Posts: 2
    Come on guys, Joe fix it really needs a buff!!!
  • bubblesbubbles Posts: 4
    Antman all day long, just an idea his l3 should include a giant man cameo.
  • Blue_MarvelBlue_Marvel Posts: 148
    Ms. Marvel Kamala for meeeeeeee
  • Khushi_SinghalKhushi_Singhal Posts: 1
    Guillotine should get buffed up..
  • yassir57yassir57 Posts: 1
    Agent venom
  • FulvioXFulvioX Posts: 1
    Vote for Guillo fools
  • PlatinumSpider78PlatinumSpider78 Posts: 1
    "We can do whatever we want"

  • LemonskunkLemonskunk Posts: 1
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