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Act 6.1.5 Crossbones post Buff

Captain_Dp7Captain_Dp7 Posts: 30
edited April 30 in Strategy and Tips
Hello Guys,
I just wanted to discuss this with you:
I am currently trying to push for Cavalier. I got to act 6.1.5 Crossbones with hardly any probles but now I’m stuk.
He is a much bigger Roadblock then he was before the buff. The reason is his insane shrug of ability. You can’t parry him and he shrugs most of the damaging debuffs and also heal blocks.
A Champ, that is poison immune does hardly more damage than he regens at the beginning by arc-overload. Even If you get some crazy intercepts. (Even my 5/65 Colossus only gets him down a few%)
If you bring a poison immune champ, the regen is still crazy. Because of the shrug-off you need to play slow, which means even more regen. My 4/50 Hyperion only gets him down a few% per regen-cycle and you can barely ramp him up with fury or cosmic potential.
Please @Kabam remove or weaken one of the nodes or make it a linked node. If you removed poison, we could bring our heavy hitters, if you removed the arc-overload, we could play slow and get him down a bit more. It would even help to change arc-overload back to vigor, so we could „unit“ our way through the fight by force quitting or letting our non immune chaps die from poison before the regen starts.
I think as it is right now, it is very unfair for the players because it is more difficult to get the Cavalier title, which is Not even the highest progression level any more.
To the Community: Do you have any tips for that Fight? I know that Omega ist the best counter, but Mine is unduped and many players don't even have him. And what do you think of my suggestions?

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  • The_Sentry06The_Sentry06 Posts: 7,568 ★★★★★
    Ehh he's easy now. Just play him as a stun-immune champ and most poison immunes can take him down easily.

    Colossus doesn't have much base damage especially without Omega synergy. Share your roster so we can help you.
  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 18,629 ★★★★★
    Sentinel worked for me. And Arc Overload is better than Vigor imo
  • Captain_Dp7Captain_Dp7 Posts: 30

    My plan is to awaken and rank up Omega now and also take Hyperion to rank 5. Then I'd use Cap IW and Colossus for the path and try the Boss with Omega, Emma and Hyperion.
    Originally I wantet to play it like Lagacy did on his Ftp Account, but that is Impossible now with arc-overload, because the regen starts at the beginning of the fight...
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