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suicide interactions

've been thinking about this for a while and it's been bothering me more and more.

Cable used to place degen when you had bleed suicide, but people complained and Kabam changed it. But why was there so much issue with him and not with the rest of them.
Elsa can practically kill you if you're not using a mutant.
Omega red gets his death field (annoying, but mildly avoidable)
Killmonger gets a bunch of extra energy.

My point is, why not give cable his ability back, or remove the bonuses from the other champions. Or, hear me out, revoke the 12.0 update and return all those disliking to their original glory.


  • aNOOBis235aNOOBis235 Posts: 108
    I think it's because class doesn't affect it and you start at zero power so you're gonna eat a lot of damage no matter what.
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