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We are seeking one player with a decent r5 & r6 roster to replace two players for aq & aw play. Aq will run 2 days of map 6 and 3 days map 5 with master modifiers.

Who we are: We are a group of active, laid back highly skilled players. We complete content, use Line, are active and friendly. We are a full group of adults, with adult responsibilities that know how to balance work, life, and gaming.

The Dirty Thirty Tag: D.30

US: Communicate frequently, laid back & easy going, active.
Alliance: The Dirty Thirty
Tag: D.30
Goals: AQ66555 Master Modifiers 250-300 M (closer to 300 Mil), Finish AW in Gold 2 every war (No desire to push to gold 1, but if it happens it happens), teamwork, & communication.
Ability over prestige, but prestige will play a part in recruitment.

Rosters & Ability: Must be relying on a roster of mostly 5* rank 4 and rank 5 champions, or/and 6* 2 & 3 champions & know how to use them.

You must have line, know how to use it, and respond when tagged. None of us like being ignored.
We are generally active & laid back, but we will settle for active because laid back can lead to comatose.

I will not message you in-game because that shows me you may be unwilling to contact us through line, so message us through line if you are interested:
Line: fcknonames, rsfoto, kcargo1, jit_fearless.


  • nonamesnonames Posts: 283
    We are seeking 1-2 to replacing low activity and low communication players.
  • nonamesnonames Posts: 283
    We are looking to replace 1-2 players that disappeared suddenly. Ideally, we are looking for people that cna handle map 6 aq and gold 2 aw.
  • nonamesnonames Posts: 283
    We are currently seeking 2 map 6 players and 1 map 5 player. Gold 2 Aw. Line is required. Communication & activity is mandatory.

    Line: fcknonames, rsfoto, kcargo1, jit_fearless
  • nonamesnonames Posts: 283
    We are still seeking 2 map 6 players that can handle gold 2 aw.
  • IAMSHAZAM215IAMSHAZAM215 Posts: 44
    edited May 2021
    Hmu on line planeteatermoro im down to join unless u found sumone
  • nonamesnonames Posts: 283

    Hmu on line planeteatermoro im down to join unless u found sumone

    Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I did not see this message until now. However, we are again seeking two more map 6 players and we are in gold 1.

    Contact us on line: fcknonames, rsfoto, kcargo1, jit_fearless.
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