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Revenge of Mike problem

Hello guys, I’m from Brazil and naturally plays the game in my language portuguese.

Here, the description of this events says to accomplish the quest revenge of mike is necessary use ONLY a Cyclope blue or Red. (Print).

There’s no information about use both, like does in english.

In contact with support, they recognize a error in translation, but still didnt give me the rewards or give back the units I gave.


  • Zan0Zan0 Posts: 4,358 ★★★★★
    They literally told you they're investigating and will be compensating
  • Manchester_Manchester_ Posts: 18
    Zan0 said:

    They literally told you they're investigating and will be compensating

    Yeah, kinda of. Today they told me that I didnt use the correct champs.

  • DoomguyDoomguy Posts: 1
    The same occurred to me, I’m from Brazil too, and it’s not the first time the translation is poor, with many errors. But it’s the first time that the poor translation affected me so badly. It’s one of the hardest quests in new objectives. So many content can be done without expenses but this specific one is impossible, there is no way to do without lots of revives and potions. I have in my account only 3* red cyclops full rankend up, the blue cyclops is at rank 1 position 1. So I thought to not rank up this cyclops version only for a quest where he can’t be really useful, a quest where the real point, the real matter was have many and many resources remaining. So I did not put him in my team because the poor translation said “blue OR red cyclops” and not “BOTH blue AND red cyclops”.
  • ZeezoosZeezoos Posts: 132 ★★
    I hope the support team do right by you and give you the rewards.

    It’s very frustrating that on the one hand the support team accept and apologise for the incorrect translation, but then go on to say you didn’t complete the objective. Even whenever it’s accepted you completed it as per the text presented to you!!

    Really hope it gets sorted for you, would be very unjust if it isn’t.
  • Dawnbringer_1Dawnbringer_1 Posts: 254 ★★
    Kabam’s greed knows no bounds.
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