Naming the counter cheese against Shang-Chi

I don’t know if it already has a title, but I would like to call it the ‘mirage tactic’.

1. Visual: Ebony Maw’s feet and sp2 spikes: have a swirly animation to them

2. Guaranteed hits = guaranteed miss (no intercept!) (Ebony Maw floats there, judging Shang-Chi’s efforts) Shang Chi is practically hitting something that isn’t there (which gives Ebony Maw a guaranteed win).
3. Ebony Maw’s awakened ability (not needed) you don’t have to hit the opponent for them to take damage if EM is awakened. (Story for it that I made: Shang Chi has been fighting so long in the Battlerealm that he forgot to eat or drink, leaving him to die of starvation/thirst)
4. EM unawakened (instead of intercepting, stop the opponent mid-combo and land hits) (story for it that I made: instead of starvation and thirst, he is instead dying of a lack of sleep)

Remember, I just wanted to name the new cheese tactic while being funny about it, so don’t take the story seriously, especially since I made it up to fit the narrative of what I wanted to name the cheese: ‘mirage tactic’


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