T1 Alphas

Firstly, thank you to the team for all the work on the new content. Bugs aside it's been great to have new quests to conquer.

One of the issues my self and and many players have, is the lack of T1 Alphas. It costs a lot to rank up 5 star champs so they disappear quickly. IT1 alpha is a basic rank up item and not as rare as the T2A, so they should be made more available.

Please look into making this more available to your players. A daily T1A quest would be great!


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    TempestTempest Posts: 295
    Many posts about this particular issue. I'm curious as to whether it's ever been addressed by a mod. I am in a retirement ally that does map 3 and still have a shortage of T1A (and T4B, but that's another story altogether). WHy did they swing from ABUNDANCE to FAMINE!?
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    I don’t even take my new four stars to 3/30 any more to save that precious 1 alpha
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    I don't recall ever seeing this issue addressed by a mod before.
    Ranking 5 stars use so many T1 Alphas, it's nuts!
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