Gwenmaster for unskilled players

AlexBossuAlexBossu Posts: 135
I tried to fight her, but i was not able to pass the 1st phase.

Next time I will bring prof x.

Other phases are same difficult? On yt all phases look like a piece of cake.

What champions to bring in? I see warlock, doom, apocalypse. What works better for an average player? Any ideas how to practice the phases? I need some advices.


  • AlexBossuAlexBossu Posts: 135
    How many units/revives?
  • SirGamesBondSirGamesBond Posts: 537 ★★★
    First phase is Emma frost, So start dueling her and get comfortable with the sp1.
    Rest phases are pretty straight forward, you'll get it when you read each phase individually.

    She will deal damage onto herself when you successfully complete a phase.

    And one basic thing you need to perform almost throughout the fight is intercept(to pause her plot armor phase timer). This is kinda essential.
    4 hit dash back followed by light/medium hit.
    Decent intercept skills works as she is super aggressive.

    All the best!!
  • DrZolaDrZola Posts: 5,301 ★★★★★
    AlexBossu said:

    How many units/revives?

    Zero units. One team revive, ~5 L1 and I think a single L2. Smattering of heal pots to get my champs able to take a hit if I screwed up. Not an ideal run by any stretch.

    Some of those revives were simply to not have to do the previous phase when I knew I had blown my shot. That’s also a consideration—you’d rather be in something like KM, Doom or Aarkus phase with the right champ than the previous one with the wrong champ.

    Dr. Zola
  • OdachiOdachi Posts: 736 ★★★★
    I haven't started 7.2 yet but I plan to use the Champion with luke cage synergy, the unstoppable mediums and lights should register as the intercepts and the healing when vs a boss fight should help with the clip damage.
  • AlexBossuAlexBossu Posts: 135
    Well, I beat her. Juiced node is crazy. She didnt even pass through all the phases. Prof X made a great job 😇
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