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10.3k Looking to get back in to the game

Hi, I used to be a very active, High prestige, high end AW and AQ player, I've taken a very long time out of the game around 1.5 years but I'm just getting back in to the game and wondering what sort of alliance I would be best suited for, looking to join before the next AQ and AW season


  • StauntonStaunton Posts: 1,524
    If you're gmt +0 or +1...
    Add me on line :. Staunton2019
    Uk euro ally. Gold1 & 5x5
  • gindfgindf Posts: 106

    How are you?
    Still looking for a new alliance?

    We are the Milano [TMLNO], a chill international alliance doing map544 and we don't have enough willing to participate in AW yet.

    We have growing accounts and vets sharing wisdom, located in Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

    If you're interested or want more information, find me on Line: gindf. (with the dot) or in game: gindf (without).


    Check us out!
  • DeaaaaaathDeaaaaaath Posts: 10
    Join us we are friendly and loyal ally Doing map5,5,5 with epic 2 bgs in AW join us AR555 deaaaaaath
  • Korand124Korand124 Posts: 85
    Hi, we are a map 6/gold3 alliance. Contact on Line: Korand124 if your interested
  • Yodabolt21Yodabolt21 Posts: 2,438 ★★★★★
    Hey man!

    We run 554 in AQ (easy) and are gold 3 in AW running 2 bgs. Looking to go for 3 bgs next season and push for Gold 1.

    We use telegram and our ally has had about 5 members who took over a year off and have come back. We got them caught up pretty quick and helped them get back into the game very quickly without missing a beat!

    Add me in game - Yodabolt~1
  • _wasabi__wasabi_ Posts: 102 ★★

  • DFORTUNE03DFORTUNE03 Posts: 87
    Chill map 5 with Plat 3/4 aw
    Line used mcoc tag is the same Dfortune03

  • DaBillsDaBills Posts: 599
    Are you still looking? Line id is DaBills.
  • zbot34zbot34 Posts: 422
    Hey man, my Alliance may be what you are looking for. Hit me up on Line. My id is zbot34
  • CangaceiroCangaceiro Posts: 429

    If you’re experienced in map 5 and 8K+ prestige we can consider your application. AW is volunteer based, we run 2 bgs 3 times a week.

    Scan the QR code to chat with us!

    LineChat link http://line.me/ti/g/1Az1DTa2iK

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