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I'm Uncollected and I need a new alliance.....

So I'm on the hunt to find an alliance that is focused on both AQ and AW.

AQ - Need to run Map 3 or 4, nothing below.
AW - Need to place in Silver 1 or Silver 2 regularly, nothing below.

I'm Uncollected and I'm pushing towards Cav, so I need an alliance which will help me to progress (but don't worry, I'll contribute to the progression of the alliance too :wink: ) My Base Hero Rating is almost 200k and I have a few decent 6* and 5*. Communication should be in-game cause I don't use Discord or Line.

The alliance should be friendly and peaceful with each other, officers too.... That's a MUST!

Other than that, nothing much. So if you have an alliance who meets these conditions, pls feel free to let me know. Thx :smile:


  • zdneunzdneun Posts: 19
    Hey man, what's your In game name?
  • jdrum663jdrum663 Posts: 551 ★★
    I was going to chime in but we're Silver 3, trying to get back to 2. The alliance is Astral Travellers (2 "L"s) if you wanna look. Good luck finding a spot!
  • KathdaKathda Posts: 60
    Got everything your looking for but need you using Line, in game chat just sucks
  • Sergeant_Sergeant_ Posts: 272 ★★
    zdneun said:

    Hey man, what's your In game name?

    Oh yeah forgot to mention that, my in-game name is Sergeant506
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