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Too much lag on my phone (Graphics Settings)

darthlord44darthlord44 Posts: 12
edited June 2021 in Suggestions and Requests
Lately I walk with too much lag does not let me play stable, I propose to put graphic settings because there are players who prefer stable gameplay to have high graphics I want you to add this the next update.

Also not everyone has money to buy a new phone and more that we are with covid-19 pandemic. I know a lot of people say buy iphone they are the best, but not everyone has money to buy it.

I hope they do something about it because I can't stand playing with lag and every now and then and it affects me in war and more that we are about to start with the season.

My phone is Huawei y6 2019
Android 9.1

Thanks for reading my opinion
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  • darthlord44darthlord44 Posts: 12
    And what phone would you recommend at an affordable price?
  • I have edited the thread title for clarity so other users don't potentially overlook it, thinking it's just a thread about lag.
  • darthlord44darthlord44 Posts: 12
    hey already took me out twice in war and in season

    And when do you plan to add game graphics options?
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