Help assemble team for uncollected

Please help assemble my uncollected team. I’m unsure what the best collection of champions to use. Here are the champions I have:

Maxed out 4 star awakened doom
Maxed out 4 star awakened Archangel
5 star R3 bw deadly origins
5 star R3 venom the duck
4 star R4 awakened red hulk
4 star R3 old man Logan
4 star R3 awakened hela
4 star R3 Medusa
4 star R3 dormammu
4 star R3 Hyperion
5 star R2 aegon
5 star R2 quake

4 stars at rank 1 I can focus on to rank for uncollected
Doctor voodoo awakened
Daredevil classic
Corvus glaive
Agent venom
Vision AOU
Cull obsidian


  • RenaxqqRenaxqq Posts: 596 ★★★
    Completed act 5 long time ago and can't remember nodes but IMO Medusa, Hyperion, Rhulk, Doom and Archangel should be good team to become uncollected.

    P.S. I'm 100% sure that I used 4* Archangel.
  • ErcarretErcarret Posts: 1,010 ★★★★
    Well, Doom and Archangel are already there. Good, good. Those two are excellent starting points.

    Hyperion, Aegon and Quake are all great champs that I would definitely focus on. Hyperion and Quake don't need to be awakened, but Aegon must be. Not necessarily high sig (although that helps a ton), but awakened. If not, he'll be close to useless.

    Then I'd go with Corvus Glaive and Havok. Corvus can clear so much content by himself, and Havok is just an awesome champ with a lot of quirks that make him good for various things.

    Regardless of who you bring, I really suggest that you hold off from pushing too hard in the beginning. Instead, slow down and try to learn the global nodes. I don't know where you are in the game right now, but there are a lot of new and tricky nodes right before the Collector. It's better to just play against the first maybe two champions you face, so that you learn how to deal with masochism or bane or...whatever else it is. There is a third that's also a pain.

    But yeah, just take it slow and learn the nodes instead of rushing into them and using a bunch of unnecessary revives.

    Good luck!
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