Prediction for next 6* featured?

EtherealityEthereality Posts: 685 ★★★
Hi guys,

So the next 6* featured crystals will be here in 2-3 days so I was wondering which champs would be in it?

I know that FOR SURE the following will be in it (correct me if I'm wrong):

Jabari Panther
Silver Centurion
Mr. Negative

I guess that some of the following are LIKELY to be in it just cuz they received buffs and there seems to be a trend of Kabam featuring champions that they have just upgraded or are about to upgrade:

Civil Warrior
OG Black Panther
Mr. Fantastic (although he was on the crystal before the current one)
Ebony Maw
War Machine
Maybe Diablo?
Maybe Ronin?
Maybe Bishop?

Now to the predictions. The following are based on (a) my own wishful thinking and (b) the fact that they haven't been on a 6* featured in a while (I think, I could be wrong) so they are due to appear sooner than later:

Nick Fury
Invisible Woman
Hopefully Magik!
Hopefully Medusa!
Hopefully Starky!

Nope I dont think Hyperion or Quake are gonna be in it, not now and perhaps not ever cuz they'd be waaay too broken as 6*.

What are your thoughts/predictions?


  • UnitmanUnitman Posts: 231 ★★
    There will be doom
  • Malreck04Malreck04 Posts: 3,155 ★★★★★
    People will be going HARD on this one for Shang, negative, jabari and maybe odin
  • EtherealityEthereality Posts: 685 ★★★
    Unitman said:

    There will be doom

    Wasn't Doom in two or three featured crystals ago?
  • Steel_Ball_RunSteel_Ball_Run Posts: 534 ★★★
    Odin (featured)
    Air Walker
    Medusa (new)
    Silver Centurion (featured)
    War Machine
    Stark Spidey (new)
    OG Storm
    Shang Chi (featured)
    Jabari (featured)
    OG BW (new)
    Mr Negative (featured)
    Red Hulk
    Joe Fixit
    Mangog (featured)
    Ebony Maw
    Dr Voodoo (new)
  • Carracho01Carracho01 Posts: 8
    edited June 2021
    Shang Chi
    Mr Negative
    Jabari Panther
    Silver Centurion
    Iron Patriot
    Joe Fixit
    Iron Man
    Sup. Iron Man
    Daredevil OG
    Cap Marvel OG
    Deadpool x

  • magnus_xixmagnus_xix Posts: 1,810 ★★★★★
    The old champs not available as 6* I think will be in the featured:

    Dr voodoo
    Vision (AOU)
  • jdeck59jdeck59 Posts: 961 ★★★★
    Looking at 6* in champion menu only exclusives we haven't seen are Black Widow (I think) and Dr. VooDoo. Would be cool if Medusa and Iceman did get put in though, but don't think we can expect any exclusives outside of those 4.
  • BitterSteelBitterSteel Posts: 8,860 ★★★★★
    For me, regardless of the pool I’m still gunning for mr negative for the next 90 days, so any good champs in there I’d like are a bonus.

    As for my prediction.

    I’m gonna go

    Skill: Jabari, Shang Chi, OG BP, winter soldier
    Science: Mr Negative, Sentry, void, Yellowjacket
    Mystic: Mangog, Claire voyant, Diablo, guillotine
    Cosmic: Odin, Angela, Venom, Phoenix
    Tech: Silver Centurion, Vulture, war machine, civil warrior
    Mutant: Psylocke, Bishop, iceman, domino
  • ErcarretErcarret Posts: 2,103 ★★★★★
    I think that the newly released ones, the newly buffed ones, and all of the community vote choices are going to be in it. I haven't done that math on how many that are in total, but it seems like a reasonable crystal if Kabam are true to their word about buffing all of those community choices in time.
  • Negative_100Negative_100 Posts: 1,650 ★★★★
    edited June 2021
    Unitman said:

    There will be doom

    Hey it's the guy I'm gonna use for SoP
    Unitman not doom
  • Mr_PlatypusMr_Platypus Posts: 2,763 ★★★★★

    The old champs not available as 6* I think will be in the featured:

    Dr voodoo
    Vision (AOU)

    You mean the vision that was in the previous featured and is now on the 6* basic pool?
  • Will3808Will3808 Posts: 3,536 ★★★★★
    I expect some around 4 champions who will be buffed in the upcoming months. With that said it’s going to be really hard to predict those specific champions.
  • EtherealityEthereality Posts: 685 ★★★

    I’ve actually been tracking this for a while and seeing who I think might appear.

    Obviously we have the featured champs, probably some buffed champs, likely a couple of champs that connect to others in the pool.

    Here’s my bet by class:

    RBP= Random basic pool champ

    Cosmic: Odin, Venom, Angela, Medusa
    Mystic: Mangog, Diablo, Voodoo, RBP
    Tech: Silver Centurion, Ultron, RBP, RBP
    Mutant: Bishop, RBP, RBP, RBP
    Skill: Shang Chi, Onnange, Black Panther, Ronin
    Science: Mr Negative, Miles Morales, RBP, RBP

    However, really any buffed champ could appear, this is just my bets

    There are a few basic champs we can pretty much guarantee won’t be in there, since champs very rarely appear twice in 3 crystals (although it has very occasionally happened). A champ has never been in subsequent featureds

    Cosmic: Black Bolt, Thor, Silver Surfer, Super Skrull, Ronan, Cull Obsidian, Red Goblin and CGR
    Mystic: Hood, Dr Strange, Morningstar, Mephisto, Dormammu, Man Thing, Longshot and Dragon Man
    Tech: Howard, G99, Star Lord, Psycho Man, Green Goblin, P99, Ghost and Vision AOU
    Mutant: Wags, Colossus, Jubilee, Styfe, Cable, Gambit, Prof X and Apoc
    Skill: Crossbones, Night Thrasher, Masacre, Kingpin, Falcon, Killmonger, Elsa and DDHK
    Science: Luke Cage, Gulk, Spider Ham, Ibomb, Spider Gwen, Wasp, Mr Fantasic and Ihulk

    So my bets for the RBP champs (based on nothing but guesswork and estimated balancing) are as follows:

    Cosmic: None
    Mystic: Guillotine
    Tech: IMIW, Yondu
    Mutant: Emma Frost, Iceman, Sabretooth
    Skill: None
    Science: Sentry, Thing

    And now we sit back and watch me be entirely wrong

    Awesome analysis, thanks! You know what's funny though? I forgot to mention Nova on my original post.. and so had pretty much everyone else in this thread. He got "buffed" (if you can call it that) so he might be on this featured too. However, the fact of how obviously oblivious we all are of Nova is telling of the "sucess" of his "buff" lol 😂.
  • TrashyPandaTrashyPanda Posts: 1,574 ★★★★★
    Malreck04 said:

    People will be going HARD on this one for Shang, negative, jabari and maybe odin

    Eh, some people go hard for anything. Shang is the only one I want; the rest aren't worth the extra 5k for me. Well, maybe Odin, but basically for the buffs.
  • EtherealityEthereality Posts: 685 ★★★
    edited June 2021

    Malreck04 said:

    People will be going HARD on this one for Shang, negative, jabari and maybe odin

    Eh, some people go hard for anything. Shang is the only one I want; the rest aren't worth the extra 5k for me. Well, maybe Odin, but basically for the buffs.
    I'm after Shang, Mr. Negative (praying to dupe him too!) and Odin, plus whatever other good current champ they put in there. I do have the feeling that this featured will be an unusually loaded one, well worth the 15k shards even if it has 3-5 memes on it.

    Why? Well ...can you imagine if, besides the above mentioned new + buffed (or about to be buffed champs), they would also put Doom, Moleman, BWCV, Tigra, Sunspot, Emma, CAIW, Starky, Medusa, Voodoo... all of these are due to appear soon, probably on this very next featured ... so any amount of champs out of these (or combination thereof) would pretty much guarantee that peeps will blow their shards (and their units for getting shards) on the crystal, as it will make it unusually loaded... to the level of that legendary Ghost/CGR/Apoc/Prof X/Falcon/iHulk one two featureds ago. It would be fitting to do so too, because this summer peeps will have plenty of shards lying around to blow off due to the 4th of July deals, summer of pain rewards and summoner appreciation calendar.

    Fingers crossed! 🤞
  • DeaconVelvetDeaconVelvet Posts: 3,309 ★★★★★
    for once i'd like a featured crystal with no scrub champs in it. one where all of them have some type of legitimate use.
  • BENJI830BENJI830 Posts: 305 ★★
    Is new 6* Featured announced yet?
  • Andyball270Andyball270 Posts: 303 ★★★
    Id love Archangel
  • Mr_PlatypusMr_Platypus Posts: 2,763 ★★★★★
    BENJI830 said:

    Is new 6* Featured announced yet?

    They don’t announce it ahead of time anymore, just have to wait until it appears tomorrow.
  • EtherealityEthereality Posts: 685 ★★★
    Just a few hours away... man I'm biting my nails.

    Anyone care to throw in some last minute predictions?
  • QfuryQfury Posts: 1,859 ★★★★★
    When did omega red last feature in a featured..
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