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Rank up decision

Captain_Dp7Captain_Dp7 Posts: 30
edited July 2021 in Strategy and Tips

I'm about to do my next rank up and I need your help. I am leaning towards taking Cable to r2. He is in almost all my questing teams because of Apoc. So I might as well make him better. He also puts in some work with the synergie.

What are your thoughts?


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    AstoundsAstounds Posts: 323 ★★
    I'd rank up Hyp personally, but Cable with Apoc is wild, and if you already bring him constantly then go with Cable.
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    Kill_GreyKill_Grey Posts: 8,666 ★★★★★
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    mort_07mort_07 Posts: 475
    Spidey for Blade and Cap as teamplay
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