Top 90 AQ. G1 no stress item free wars looking

What’s up! We are looking for a few members to join us for this coming season. We are AQ focused. Running Map 7x5 and can give more details in a pm. We are Gold 1 in war and remain item free. Could push P4 pretty easy. But let’s face it. War sucks.
We are an active crew and looking for the same! Looking for some big prestige to keep us ranked great in AQ. Usually rank in the top 70s!
Topless pics gets you in regardless of prestige!

Hit me up on line kaycg1


  • Kaycg1Kaycg1 Posts: 218
    Still looking for one. Hit me up!
  • Kaycg1Kaycg1 Posts: 218
    Looking for two. Relaxed P4 over G1. Hit me up!
  • Kaycg1Kaycg1 Posts: 218
    Still looking for one! Hit me up you SOB’s!
  • Kaycg1Kaycg1 Posts: 218
    Guess what you nutty delinquents! We are on the prowl for one unique individual again! Think you have what it takes? Hit me up slayer! kaycg1 on line app! Let’s go. What are you scared of?
    We have been ranking in the top 60’s for Aq as well. So high in the top 90’s. Speaking of high, time to go.
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