Hello! [MyMg] is a 24 mil, 4 year old alliance looking to replace some inactives in our battlegroups. Main requirement is AQ maps 5/3/3 with master and heroic mods. We try to put people in a battlegroup which matches their time commitment and skill level. If things go well, then we may up the maps to 5/4/4. AW is optional with two battlegroups. We do AW every other season. Line for comms. We score about 100M+ in aq and get about 3k glory. This is a perfect alliance for mid level players who want to get stronger, veteran players tired of the grind, or want to work on end game content without having to worry about a huge AQ or AW commitment but still want glory. We are a relaxed but efficient adult alliance of long time players. No jumpers please, if you don’t plan on staying for a bit please don’t join. Pm me if interested at riz616 (either Line or in game)


  • Kaycg1Kaycg1 Posts: 218
    Please define seasoned. Are we talking salty? Or semi sweet with a little mesquite?
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