The multiple emergency maintenance

What are the updates about the multiple “emergency maintenances” that disrupted the game?! It’s been days since they happened, not a single word about them or any possible compensation. You could have reduced the energy timer, like you did in the past, but you didn’t even bother.
The community is expecting a something from you.


  • Actually, it feels like we forget but don't forgive. We probably couldn't even come close to counting the outages that affected the game in a major way over the last 6 months. Part of that is human nature, part is the overwhelming number of them.

    And they'll merge all the threads into one closed thread to kill any comments on the matter... And still won't give any answer as to what happened/if it was fixed or given a bandaid/how likely it is to reoccur. Just gonna let us know they're aware and investigating
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  • 1000000000%
    If you care about customers, you show it in various ways. It doesn't take much to do so. And none of those ways will happen.
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