Special Attack not working properly

I'm facing problem in using special attack. Due to which I lost few Arena matches. When I'm taping on the special attack button it's just blocking instead of using the special attack. AT first I thought I was placing my finger at the wrong place but no, there is problem in the game. Did anyone of you face this type of problem??


  • DarindeshDarindesh Posts: 30
    If you downloaded the parry/dex beta, the special button is currently not working. If you are doing arena for legit points and not for testing while in the beta. I would delete the game and reinstall. I don't think your progress in beta will transfer.
  • Ted_n00bgentTed_n00bgent Posts: 358 ★★
    I have the issue and did not do the beta
  • gforcefangforcefan Posts: 288 ★★
    add me to the list. so frustrating...
  • Camby01Camby01 Posts: 208
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