Looking for an Alliance


Looking for a map 5-6 AQ alliance with active AW


  • Message me on line at TheBattleOfNY
  • Yodabolt21Yodabolt21 Posts: 2,365 ★★★★★
    Hey man! I'll add you in game. Yodabolt~1 is my ign.

    We run 554 in AQ (210M+) and 2 bgs in AW (gold3)
  • ZirgzZirgz Posts: 41
    5x5 250m score.. easy and always cleared 100%
    gold1 in war .. 3bg
    Line : Zirgz
    couldnt find your id on line
  • Buck9studioBuck9studio Posts: 152
    Hey your in game friend list is full. Look me up in game @buck9studio. We are map4 but pull in 130mil+ each week. A lot less demanding then map5 and 6.
  • LadyGamer13LadyGamer13 Posts: 126
    We have an opening for Map 5 in our 2nd branch that runs AQ maps 4/4/5.
    Active Map 5 players in that branch have the ability to transfer up to our main branch upon an opening.
    Line app contacts:
  • IlarioxIlariox Posts: 80
    We run map655 x5
    Add me on Line if interested: ilariovacca
  • GaryagGaryag Posts: 421
    I am path seeker we are 38mil Alliance needing two look up soul rebels.

    We do no AW unless members wants it. We run map 6 and 2 map 5 groups

    We ask to stay friendly line is required. Again, I am an office check us out
  • CangaceiroCangaceiro Posts: 429
    edited July 2021
    Your line TheBattleOfNY is not coming up.

    We hit just shy of 120M(186k points off) with 26 members. We need someone like you to help us fill in . We run 543 with heroics x5. AW we run 2 bgs in season and 1 for off season practice. Currently S1 and shooting for gold.

    My line is isotired and ign Cangaceiro.
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