Act 7.2.6 mission middle right path bug

Ok so there is the Gwenmaster mission and there is this path where the defender take less 90% damage unless you throw a sp with an active prowess buff

When i ran it, i used Magneto in the first fight, got 40 prowess, used the sp 3 and it dealt 3% damage! Yet he got 40 armor breaks. Then i used a sp 2 with the same amount of prowess and it was a 1 hit KO. I've tested Hyperion and Guardian in this fight too and the same happened.

Then in the silver surfer fight i used Doom and the same happened in the first sp 3 but then i used it a second time and it dealt 80% damage!. It was the only time in the path that a SP3 dealt more than 5% damage

I'm using a Asus Zenfone 5, Android 10, update 32.0, WiFi and no boosts. Is this supposed to happen?


  • ExpertguiExpertgui Posts: 51
    walkerdog said:

    Its probably a bugged interaction but whats likely occurring is magneto's magnetized AAR is allowing a 90% reduction in damage to occur but not the "unless you have a prowess" aspect. Thats seems to be a bug because its one effect, but their talented programmers probably made it separate effects when they programmed it so it could be independently affected by AAR instead of occurring in tangent with one another.

    I understand that, but it doesn't make sense if you think in other Champions that doesn't have AAR like Hyperion
  • ExpertguiExpertgui Posts: 51
    walkerdog said:

    Fo you have pacify active?

  • QfuryQfury Posts: 1,860 ★★★★★
    I used R4 Sig 20 odd Angela for that path and she cleared the whole thing no issue
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