2 different champ with nearly same base kit. Good or bad?

Yes I'm referring to kingpin post buff and kinggroot post buff.
On paper king groot looks really really close to king pin.
Debuff shrug off mechanism check, helpful regen check, big strong fury/attack boost, fury buff, damage over time, lot of these match very closely.
I have seen 2 champs being this close but they were like Cyclops red and yellow, Ironman and superior iron man, captain America classic and world war 2, vision classic and age of Ultron, Ultron classic and Ultron aou prebuff.

Yes they do have some differences like groot has Armor break, power burn/drain immunity and kingpin has ability accuracy reduction, unstoppable, stuns but I feel they may be used in kinda same circumstances except a few

I'm very excited about king groot buff and fingers crossed hoping he will be very good. What are y'all thoughts on it?


  • Hilbert_unbeatable2Hilbert_unbeatable2 Posts: 510 ★★★

    Yeah no. They don’t have the same base kit at all. Their kits kinda do similar things but in much different ways and that makes them unique.

    King Groot gets fury from buffs, Kingpin gets it from personal debuffs.

    King Groot does DOT with poison, Kingpin does it with Degen

    And same thing for their regen and shrug off abilities. Also they have much different play styles and some unique utility like unstoppable, armor break, and AAR so I would say that they are very unique characters and don’t have the same base kit at all.

    Aye didn't think that way
    Thanks for correcting.
    Maybe I was looking at them the wrong way.
  • Count_WillisCount_Willis Posts: 68
    I kind of want them to rework Symbiote Spidey to make him more unique from Classic spidey, same for the two Iron Men and two Caps. Two champs with the same kit with very little difference is a huge pain point and hurts the overall pool a lot.
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