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Summoners Journey- how to unlock rewards

Hi everyone,
I am a summoner with a new account (started 3 weeks ago, currently lvl 31 and ‘Proven’).
Early on I got many of the rewards from the summoners journey challenges but now most of them are locked (see related pic). Does anyone know what achievements are needed to unlock them ( like do I have to hit a certain level or buy something to access these rewards?
Any help appreciated. Thx


  • Varad18Varad18 Posts: 162
    You need to level up
  • FrigoFrigo Posts: 8
    Thanks. I definitely will keep playing (growing?) and see when they unlock... just wondering if there is a list or anything showing when these challenges will unlock?
  • PastorAmericaPastorAmerica Posts: 456 ★★★
    Click on the green info button next to each achievement and it should show you the level requirements. I think.
  • FrigoFrigo Posts: 8
    Today I got to lvl 35 and just about all of the remaining locked challenges unlocked. Thx
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