While the mods are on any update on node 24 in AW?

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Haven't heard a peep about it, as you know it is regenerating based of modified health. Which was removed from AW and only base health was supposed to be used (remember that whole new AW thingy) so yeah if we could get a response that be GREAT!


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    So is node 24 working correctly cause i dont see anything being changed for that?

    Node 24 is working correctly, but definitely requires planning ahead! It's a hard node for sure, but it is beatable.

    From the main AW thread page 118.
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    It can't be its taking modified Health which Kabam strictly stated nodes in AW no longer take from Modified Heatlh. So if it's working correctly then it was a straight up lie and bait and switch and is in writing which can be used to report to Apple and Google....just saying....
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    I've yet to see them respond to why it takes from modified health instead of base which NO NODE IS SUPPOSED TO TAKE FROM MODIFIED HEALTH ANYMORE. So I'm still waiting an official response from Kabam on why they told us one thing and then did another.
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    No, we stated that Champion abilities will not be affected by Noded health, but Node Buffs do take into account modified Health. Node 24 is not broken, and although it is very hard, it is definitely beatable with some planning ahead.

    This has been addressed in other threads, so I'm closing this thread down now.
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