Seriously....30 mins before 2 hour maintenance....


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    Never fails to disappoint
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    Same here. Just used energy refill as well
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    Maintenance needs be be delayed by however long we are down for. Bounty missions, arena, energy, events, everyone is trying to get stuff done before maintenance.
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    That was a bit damn annoying
  • Renegade_DoggyRenegade_Doggy Posts: 358 ★★
    Alliance mate was doing LOL run ,is at Magik, has 4 brand new boosts just ticking away.

    Great work.
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    might as well start it early..... its gonna take 30min for them to get the servers back online.

    IT guy probably picking his nose somewhere
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    Ok I thought it was just me
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    I was wondering too. What time is 8pm PST?
  • Kabamed
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    Kabam never fails to disappoint.
  • winterthur wrote: »
    I was wondering too. What time is 8pm PST?

    About 30 minutes from now.
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    Way to go Kabam. Love how you send out the in-game mail to use all of your energy before the maintenance and then kill the game 30 minutes should be thinking about sending your champions energy refills as an apology.
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    Does this mean it will be back on 30 minutes earlier?
  • I love the in game mail earlier reminding us to power through till 8 pm kabam move.
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    Never ends. Worst company I've ever seen
  • Hold on, let me get the popcorn... This is gonna get good
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    Haha I was in the middle of ROL SW fight. Guess I'll have to start her over.
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    This is freaking ridiculouos. Maybe instead of updating nodes in war you could try fixing your game so you don’t need emergency maintenance 30 minutes before a maintenance that knocks out a large chunk of the game players for the rest of the night.
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    So glad I made sure to get my 5*s in arena so that I could get them in just before maintenance tonight only to have this happen.
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    Ah it figures we get another outage right before they do " maintenance", how many of them have we ( outages) had in the last couple of months. I remember one day the game went down almost a dozen times by the end of it and it created many different buggy, glitches, and exploits in it's wake.

    I hope you guys activily fix a number of these issues, especially with the buggy valor missions and the leaderboard amoung others.
  • For what it's worth this is emergency maintenance, not the planned maintenance. Yes it sucks but something broke, they didn't do this on purpose.

    I'm not happy with it either by any means but let's not misinterpret ****.
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    Game is down
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