Bring back the Gold Realm

don't know about you guys but i think is time kabam bring the gold realm back. i personally don't like arenas i takes to much time and is boring and monotonous. and some people perfer doing a map for gold than having to chose 3 players everytime and so on.

or just put once month for 3 days like t4b events

hope you guys consider this


  • jerstolpjerstolp Posts: 73
    yes please.. im super low on gold...
  • Jlemos818Jlemos818 Posts: 82
    Me to, cost too much upgrading and not enough gold rewards in any quests without doing old quests you already finished. Who wants to do old quests for gold wasting energy! Please bring it back
  • JustBeFineJustBeFine Posts: 31
    yes !!! please ....
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