When will Miles gets a buff ?

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Miles buff were reported with black panther and black panther got buff 2 months ago and when will miles get it?

When will Miles gets a buff ? 31 votes

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Not in this century(lol)
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  • AlbertelAlbertel Posts: 19
    Not in this century(lol)
    Pulled him yesterday as 6 star . Hope this year atleast
  • ThatGuyYouSaw235ThatGuyYouSaw235 Posts: 2,914 ★★★★★
    Someone said September, idk if that's true though. VFX takes a bit of time I believe.
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    The reason miles is buff is taking longer if they wanted to update the VFX to include camouflage and some other features that they couldn't do at the time he originally came out so it's taking longer that expected
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    I don't think anyone here in the forum knows. I haven't heard anything. I assumed he'd come out alongside this month's spider-champs, but apparently not. Maybe that was never the plan, maybe it was but he got delayed.

    Either way, I have no idea when he'll come. We'll have to see. I have my 5* at r4 and ready. Once I've pumped iBom up with a few more science sig stones, I'll start hoarding them for Miles. I have a generic awakening gem ready for him if his sig is good.
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    Most likely September. Miles is an overhaul and BPCW is most likely a moderate buff. We're getting Guilly overhaul in October and since Miles was announced before her, he will be September. Can't have 2 overhauls in one month
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    It’s September. Miike said it a while ago, at least I’m pretty sure it was him
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    Not in this century(lol)

    It’s September. Miike said it a while ago, at least I’m pretty sure it was him

    Unless you're referring to something I haven't heard about, Miike never said a word about when Miles will be buffed, just that he was "on the list". For all we know they haven't even started working on his buff.
    He only mentioned Miles because people were specifically asking about Miles.

    That's not to say he won't come next month, just that this expectation is based on nothing.
  • Amir447Amir447 Posts: 153

    It’s September. Miike said it a while ago, at least I’m pretty sure it was him

    Where did he say this? Don't give me hope 🥲
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