SoP extension due to Android lag?

Hello Kabam

After the parry and dex bug issue was discovered that has been largely associated with Apple players, the SoP that week was ran for a 2nd week.

With the most recent update, the game is borderline unplayable for many android users and there are videos our there from regular YouTube players displaying that as well. Yes I'm very very much affected by it, and rarely do I go more than 30 seconds without a significant issue.

Will the Emma Frost SoP get a 2nd week due to issues described by KT1 for example as being even worse than the parry and dex bugs, or do things only get done when it significantly affects Apple? Personally, I've only gotten more than 20% health off Emma once in a first attempt out of literally hundreds at this point, but have completed every single throne breaker objective to date so it's not like I can't handle challenging content. Literally unplayable. My alliance with the dex and parry bugs went from map 7 to map 5 to not burn out the players items unnecessarily but now with the current release I can barely get through freaking map 5 with the same Champs I use to map 7. Please don't ask for videos as you've seen them, they are out there on YouTube, and therefore the only motivation to do so would be a stall, delay tactic that will inevitably lead to nothing but headaches for the players as nothing will get done. The shtick is getting old. I run the game on a Samsung s20 note ultra. It's maybe a year old tops and is among the highest end models out there. I'm CST, have 5G network in a significant suburb of a major city, and have one of the strongest home internet plans on the market so no I don't use an off brand network in an area with low infrastructure to blame the network on. It's 100% on kabam and the game itself.

Any post I've seen so far just gets referred to a generic lag based feed that's been around for years and does absolutely nothing so that's why I am being much more direct with the question. Catering to one operating system base does significantly risk losing a large portion of the Android base from even playing the game and damaging your revenue stream. Will you have a similar response that is consistent with an issue largely associated to Apple devices?


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