Hawkeye Buff Idea

All stats are based on 5 star rank 5 Sig 200
Prestige : 10617
Hp : 30484
Attack : 2369
Crit Rate : 26%
Crit Damage : 186%
Armor : 14%
Block Proficiency : 64%

Signature Ability - Tactical Combatant
Hawkeye's tactical combat increase all damage over time debuffs potency by +32.5% if special attacks are used after a perfect combo (M.L.L.L.M)

Expert mastery over archery allows Hawkeye's special attacks to bypass all miss and evade effects.

Lifetime experience in the battlefield grants all arrow attacks to be critical

Higher pain tolerance allows Hawkeye to reduce the potency of all bleed effects on him by 15%

Intercept Attack
Intercepting opponent's dash grants precision passive for 5 seconds, increasing critical rate by 110

This ability stacks up to 10

10 stacks : opponent cannot trigger miss and evade

Special Attack 1
Arrow strike shocks the opponent, dealing 5780.36 energy damage over 7 seconds

Arrow strike also drains 40% of the opponent's power

If the opponent is immune to shock effects, deals burst of energy damage equal to the power drained

Special Attack 2
Explosive arrow incinerates the opponent, dealing 3880 energy damage over 6 seconds. This also removes perfect block chance and reduces block proficiency by 50%

Explosive arrow also bleeds the opponent, dealing 6088.33 direct damage over 10 seconds

If the opponent is immune to bleed effects, inflicts armor break reducing opponent's armor rating by 3740 for 10 seconds

Special Attack 3
Retrigger all personal shock, incinerate, bleed debuffs that has been used in the fight and increase its duration by 200%

Inflicts physical vulnerability debuff, reducing physical resistance by 898.99 for 35 seconds


  • The_Sentry06The_Sentry06 Posts: 7,762 ★★★★★
    Nice buff except I would just chuck the whole intercept thingy and just add complete miss and evade counter at base.
  • KiljackKiljack Posts: 17
    I agree but i was a little bit afraid to make his base ability a little bit too overpowered.
  • ErcarretErcarret Posts: 2,079 ★★★★★
    I also like this buff idea, but I agree with Sentry. Intercepting an evading/phasing opponent 10 times in order to build up a counter-evade mechanic seems like a recipe for disaster. The opponent is bound to, one time or another during those 10 intercepts, simply evade you and punish you to death.

    My solution would be to have his intercepts inherently counter evade/miss or grant him X seconds of True Strike or something, bypassing that problem. Then you can build up 10 charges with 10 intercepts just as you described, without having to play very aggressively against a very risky opponent. And at 10 charges, all of your attacks can bypass miss and evade.

    But regardless, yeah, I like this suggestion. :)
  • KiljackKiljack Posts: 17
    that'd be a great solution to this. I feel like it's too risky to intercept against opponents with evade or falter or phase but at the same time, i know that adding miss and evade counter in his base without having to do anything is just doesn't make sense. But honestly that true strike idea is really nice.
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