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Didn’t gain extra point from Darkhawk, lost point anyway, support not assisting

jwilliekjwilliek Posts: 5
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@Kabam Miike / @Kabam Zibiit / I saw some other posts from folks with the same issue and you recommended reaching out to support, which I have attempted to do, but I can’t get anyone to actually review my game data. Hoping someone can escalate and assist as the rewards are only in my stash for a couple more days.
My ticket is:
Re: Kabam Support - Re: Wrong SOP rewards - 134844

I truly believe this point was taken in error. I played Darkhawk twice but I did not get an extra point. Otherwise I would have ended with 8 points because I beat everyone except rogue and ghost for a total of 7. On the forums, Miike and Zibit and Zanzibar all said that we could contact support and someone would actually review my account. Several others have had the same issue. I am missing an entire 25% class selector because of this, and spent good resources on doing the event. Please review!

I am sorry to tag and bother you guys on here but I truly believe there was a discrepancy in the point removal that is costing me the correct milestone. I have left the rewards in my stash so they can be pulled and have the correct ones sent out.

Thanks in advance.


  • Hi jwilliek! The Forum Team is not able to look into account specific issues. Please follow up with the Support Team directly to resolve this matter. When contacting the team, please make sure to include as much information as possible.
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