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Grandmaster bug compensation



  • Fit_Fun9329Fit_Fun9329 Posts: 1,774 ★★★★★
    Hi there,

    Kabam miike said that the compensation is for all players who started the challenge before the fix was implemented.

    Well, i received the compensation but started very later. The challenge went live on a Wednesday but i started on Thursday or Friday.

    I remember that i read some message before starting the challenge on the forums from kabam ziibit that the hotfix for the GM Bug was done. Or is the definition for the compensation eligibility just to take a brief look into the quest ? I maybe just checked the quest in general but backed out immediately..


    Never fought bugged GM but received compensation. Anyone else ?
  • BravojeenBravojeen Posts: 119
    edited August 2021
    I didn't even get that compensation for spend 900 unit on this bug grand"unit drainer
  • DaddriedaDaddrieda Posts: 1,563 ★★★★
    Just give it up folks. They always go like this. At this point we should have learned not to trust kabam’s view of compensation at all. The parry/dex compensation won’t be that huge either just lotta of revives and healings and some extra materials and that’s it probably.
  • FightingHornetFightingHornet Posts: 51
    i only did 1 path with Aegon (skill), after received this compensation i thought let's do another path with other class.
    but the game keep kicking me out from the quest said "The compensation is a joke".
    what should i do? is this a new bug??
  • DevilmayCry3DevilmayCry3 Posts: 34
    edited August 2021

    Jaded said:

    OGAvenger said:

    Really hoping this is some sort of “Hey we released a bugged fight so here’s a general small compensation for everyone whether you did it bugged or not”

    Then hopefully there will be another compensation for us that actually fought the bugged GM….I imagine there is about a 1% chance of that being the case though

    My alt received no compensation for 1 lane done during the weekend.
    got the compensation and I haven’t even entered the quest
    The same happened for me in my alt account
  • jondark86jondark86 Posts: 108 ★★

    Thank you all for the feedback, and I'm sorry that this Comp package isn't what you were expecting.

    Context: The Comp Package went out to all players that started the quest before the Bug was fixed, and is based on the difference between resources we saw Players using before and after the bug was fixed. I see a lot of players saying that they used a bunch of revives, but players that played the fights after the Bug was fixed (roughly 6 hours after launch) also still used a lot of resources. The difference on average was what we based the package on.

    This is NOT compensation for the ongoing control issues we've been experiencing.

    I've also let the team know about the feedback here. Obviously, there are lots going on right now, and we're looking at many things, but I can make the sentiment known. No Promises that will go anywhere though.

    I ask you a question, did Parry and Dex affect the Final of SOP? why separate things then? Do not you consider that if there is a problem as big as THE CONTROLS, it will affect in a greater way if they release a content with a greater degree of difficulty?

    It is a disaster, a mockery, almost like Kabam lost focus, of those who are the most important for this, the players! those of us who are here from the beginning.

    How is it possible that Kabam send a compensation of this type knowing that everything is working badly.????

    In such a case, as you say, "this is not compensation for Parry and Dex" what should be expected? that the compensation that will arrive before the end of the month (of which no one knows anything yet) would come with additional items that solve this problem? In my case, I fully explored the SOP final, the same day it came out and there was a lot of waste of resources due to all the game problems added to the bug that the GM had.

    If everything is going wrong and you know it, why Kabam open new content and suggest that we not play, or be careful ? is that logical? It is understood that you need us so that the game does not die, but in that case YOU MUST COMPENSATE APPROPRIATELY AND ACCORDING TO THE PROBLEMS THAT THE GREAT MAJORITY OF US ARE GOING THROUGH.

    Why Kabam is taking so long with compensation? with each passing day the frustration accumulates more, likewise a fact with sending compensation packages by AQ and AW, also and by LOGICA Kabam MUST SEND REGULAR REVIVES AND POTIONS. Otherwise I suggest you send a message and say KABAM WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE EXPENDITURE OF RESOURCES DUE TO THE MALFUNCTION OF THE GAME !!!!

    I hope you don't delete the messages and answer.

  • GruzzlrGruzzlr Posts: 10
    What a huge disappointment.
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