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Input Issues Worse After Update

I'm using a Google pixel 2. Running android fully updated.

The game ran better before the update. Now I'll touch the screen for 5 or more seconds and it does not register any touch. My favorite champs walk or fly directly at the opponent without attacking, using specials, blocking, dexing, or parrying. I have also tried touching various parts of the screen and during these length of times when touch isn't responding it does not matter where is touched, it just does not work.


  • StarzStarz Posts: 153
    Just complaining to my ally mates about this
  • McOBGMcOBG Posts: 47
    We’ve had a lot of players having the game crash during fights, and it’s happened 3 times in war to 3 of our best players today.

    Someone gonna kick off a compensation thread? lol

    It’s gotten to the stage that compensation is about all Kabam is gonna be able to do to stop people going all ragey in the cagey
  • Jander410Jander410 Posts: 37
  • WardrunaWardruna Posts: 30
    I’m having blocking, parry and major dex problems on iOS. The august hotfix helped somewhat after the initial parry and dex issues. Updated to the current version on September 1. My blocks are registering a split second late and either not registering and I’m eating a combo or a parry turns out to be just a block. The bigger problem right now is dex. Swiping back is late and I end up blocking or inadvertently parrying. Dexing a split second earlier and I get wrecked at the end of my dash back. I can’t get the timing right. This has cost me multiple revives on map 7 aq and it’s only day2. I love this game but I’m beginning lose interest.
  • CoffeeLoverCoffeeLover Posts: 33
    Its odd that I kept my left thumb to stay put, but the char suddenly wanting the taste of damage...

    True masochism
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