Any Havok players out there?

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Can bring two six star champs to R3 - one of them is a mutant. Have a few options, unduped Havok among them. Is he worth R3 without being awakened? Or will he be disappointed

Thanks! Appreciate any kind of input
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    I wanna say it depends on your lineup, but Havok kinda fills a Havok-sized hole in your roster.

    I think he's worth r3, but I won't be r3ing mine for a long while yet. It's less about Havok being unworthy, and more about Mutants being incredibly stacked. There's a reason why Mutant is the default T5CC dump-stat.

    Really though, wait for other opinions.
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    What’s your roster look like?
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    I have a duped R3 Havok as my first r3 , his dupe isnt needed , its a bonus which u wont really notice tbh , so r3 him if u want , damage is still there
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    Havok is awesome and doesn't need the dupe. Go for it.
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    havok is great and really benefits from the R3 imo. some mutant champs like magneto or Namor just become overkill at R3, whereas havok greatly benefits from the extra health and attack, as often you use him for cheesing energy damaging paths where you want to be able to finish the fight in a single L2. i noticed that my 5/65 was struggling in 7.2 as the damage he was taking was a little more and the health pools were so that i was having to do 3 or even 4 L2s. however when i boosted and gave him Apoc horseman he was dealing with fights in only 2 (or sometimes 1) L3 thanks to the extra attack and health. he doesn’t need the sub but i would recommend running the wasp synergy for general questing as it makes gaining plasma in a lot more fights far easier.
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    I’m a havok guy, have been for years. Dudes a beast, love him. First off he has 2150 energy resistance, which is a little over 50% which is excellent for many things, iceman, magiks limbo, energy adoption, terrax etc. He is probably one of the best options in the game for energy adoption lanes because they constantly feed his plasma. He gains 2.5% of a bar of power per second which is not alot but nice if ai goes passive. He’s immune to incinerate, also he decreases opponent critical damage rating by 50% so if you get hit by crits you might be saved.

    His mediums heavy parts of special and final light do not make contact and are energy based so he gets around electro, thorns of all kinds, Morningstar, abom etc.

    He is anti purify (shrugging plasma deals basically triple the damage it would do on detonation)

    His feedback is great deals great damage over time. 2k per tick 4K every second at r3. Underrated

    His sp3 is massive where the main damage comes from.
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    He's great for AW attack and defense.
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    Havok was my second 6r3 and he’s still one of my favorites. Very solid all around champion. He’s worth ranking even unduped.
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