AQ laggy and crashing

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This whole week AQ has being lagging and crashing mid fight


  • Cristian120990Cristian120990 Posts: 26
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  • N0toriousRED53N0toriousRED53 Posts: 34
    day 4 and now day 5 has been constant crashes. moving, going into a fight. 5 straight crashing before a fight( various hours) because i refused to go right back in out of frustration. lost 50% health 3x and then 25% 2x since i was at 50% already lol games a joke now.
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    It is a continuation of this lag issue and is costing players. We have steadily lost players through this cycle! Last cycle we hit 180 mil this run we will be lucky to hit 160!
    They have exhausted far more in terms of supplies than kabam has compensated us for using. And passing out event specific items is wrong in my opinion! Give us generic boosts and high tier revives and restores so we can decide which event we use them in.
    Players are getting thrown out of the game and returning to having lost half of a champs health when otherwise they would have won unscathed!
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