Incredible lag in arenas

I'm facing some really crazy lag in arenas, which wasn't so before this recent update.

Game name: The Savage Ancient
Device: Dell Venue 8 Tab
Android 4.4.2


  • Horror_punkHorror_punk Posts: 487 ★★
    Me too having same issue
    It's feel similar to watching a video with lots of buffering
    Android 6.0.1
    Sony Xperia Z2
  • Mr_ROBOTMr_ROBOT Posts: 5
    Yes me too, specially in the two battlefield where on there are some mountains behind you and the other in the shield hanger where a jet keeps hovering back and fro
  • Killer92Killer92 Posts: 56
    lag not only in arena, in AQ i see like little freeze and can't play good
  • DK1825DK1825 Posts: 43
    after 45-60 minutes game becoming slow

    Android 6.0.1
    honor 5x
  • Extreme lag is very frequent since the new update. The lag is in all aspects of the game.
  • There still seems to be no improvement, playing the arenas for long is resulting in lag. Have to force close the game and reopen it. Can we have someone look into this or let us know if any other details are required.
  • SlySlySlySly Posts: 352 ★★
    Yup, lost my streak cause of this
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