Drax Rework Idea

Signature Ability - Enthrall Sig 200
Destroyer Buff passively grants Drax +12% Special Attack Damage each stack.
Cowardice Debuff now also increase the chance of the opponent throwing a Special Attack by 49.8%

Always Active
Fury Fascinates The Destroyer, granting Drax immunity to all Weakness effects in the battlerealm.

While under the effect of 5 or more Fury Buffs, Drax is immune to Power Drain, Power Steal, and Power Burn.

When Fighting #Robot or Tech Champions that is immune to Bleed, all Bleed effects is dealt as a burst of Physical Damage.

Fury Buffs - Max 9
Each Fury Buff on Drax increase his Offensive Ability Accuracy by 5% (Max +30% ability accuracy).

When Attacked
15% to gain a Fury buff, increasing Attack Rating by +255 for 10 seconds

All Attacks
12% chance to gain a Fury Buff, increasing Attack Rating by +255 for 7.5 seconds.

Critical Hits
40% chance to Bleed the opponent, dealing 2324 Direct Damage over 5 seconds.

Destroyer Buff - 10 Furies
Upon reaching 10 stacks of Fury Buffs, Drax convert his 10 Furies to Destroyer Buff for 18 seconds.
- Destroyer Buff grants Drax +3150 Attack Rating.
- Entering Destroyer Buff also grants Drax passive Unstoppable for 8 seconds.
- Destroyer Buff grants Drax's Attacks True Damage, ignoring all Armor and Resistance.
- Destroyer Buff cannot exceed 3 stacks.
- Destroyer Buff counts as 10 Buffs on Drax.

Special Attack 1
100% chance to inflict an Armor Break Debuff for 12 seconds, reducing Armor Rating by -520 for each Fury Active.

Special Attack 2
+2100 Critical Rating during this Attack.
Each Critical Hit during this Attack has 80% chance to inflict Critical Bleed, Damage scales on Critical Damage Rating.

Special Attack 3
100% chance to inflict Cowardice Debuff, reducing Special Attack Damage by 40% for 30 Seconds.


  • ErcarretErcarret Posts: 2,079 ★★★★★
    I think the furies need a much longer duration than 7,5 seconds in order to stack up the way it seems like you want them to. Getting 10 fury buffs within 7,5 seconds with only a 12,5% chance of getting one on basic attacks seems very hard.

    Plus, they only seem to stack up to 9, which is another problem. :smile:

    That being said, I do like that they increase his ability accuracy. Not only would that presumably make it easier and easier to stack up fury in the first place, but there are also so many annoying situations where ability accuracy is reduced that I like having an offensive way to combat that.
  • Pdogg614Pdogg614 Posts: 78
    You missed him going invisible while standing still 🤣
  • KiljackKiljack Posts: 17
    By 9 max Furies i mean the Fury Buff is converted to Destroyer Buff after reaching more than 9
    So 10 Furies is automatically converted to Destroyer Buff.
  • KiljackKiljack Posts: 17
    Ercarret I agree with you. I was planning to give him the idea of immunity to Offensive Ability Accuracy modification, but i jut thought it's too much cause he already got immunity to weakness, power burn, power steal, and power drain. But maybe it's a great idea to add immunity to Offensive Ability Accuracy modification by Debuffs but not Passive Offensive Ability Accuracy modification.
  • The_HoTUThe_HoTU Posts: 441 ★★
    DRAX needs a magneto level buff
  • KiljackKiljack Posts: 17
    Signature Ability update
    Drax has mastered the art of standing so still that no one recognizes him.
    standing still for 3 seconds enter Invisibility, preventing from getting hit from any source by the opponent.
    Invisibility ends when Drax attacks or launching Special Attacks or dashing back.
    Invisibility doesn't work against champion with #Psychic Shielding.

    Is this what you want? lmao
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