How to unlcok last item in the canteen

I was "foolish" enough to get the extra 7 days and such an extra time, and just hit my 98th days today.

I don't think anyone will think this event has gone off without a hitch... having to remember to claim sunglasses, having some of the items be "out of order" / having to wait a while, etc.

Now that I'm at 98, the last item is the special card to get the 100 6 star shards each day called "summoner event booster".

It says I can't buy it until I "unlock 7 milestones in both summer events". What exactly does that mean? How do I get this?

Will the 6 star shards just start rolling in tomorrow when I do my 10 fights?

I''ve re-started my game a couple times / not really sure what else to try.

Has anyone else who either bought the extra 7 days more than I did, or maybe got it today had similar experience / what's the trick this time?

Unlike many, I actually liked this event in concept, as well as the rewards. I even made the booster the first thing my alt account ever bought (mostly to get cheap units that I hope will work in gifting event later this year, but all the other items were also nice)... just didn't get the 7 day add ons... as that wouldn't help my main account. I wouldn't mind it coming back in a similar manner next year, but please, make it a little less confusing. If the objectives aren't easier, go back to a calendar, or if you want some kind of challenge to get it... make it something like the weekly goldpool fight where you do one fight or quest per day (no energy though please)... and get the item.


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    The 100 shards replaces your next sunglasses
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