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Uncanny Cavalier Crystals - Update ?

JosephAshJosephAsh Posts: 177
edited September 2021 in Bugs and Known Issues
I purchased all of the deals for the Uncanny Crystals and have sent in a ticket already with proof of the transactions ex; screenshots to Kabam.
No crystal reimbursement yet or update on when compensation will be coming. ( Some players have already posted and said they have gotten some form of reimbursement/ compensation with crystals.)
How exactly does Kabam go about sending players like myself the compensation/ reimbursement that other players have already received ? There is very little communication and even when there is , it’s extremely vague and not transparent. Any update would be helpful.


  • DeadPooopDeadPooop Posts: 236
    U r outta of luck, basically they said there was a window of 40 mins... If u bought them after the crystal was fixed u wont get any, if u bought em before the fix there is a chance u might get 2x the crystals...
    Basically Kabam is giving more crystals to some for the same price of others...
    I'm done spending on this game
    I spend a pretty good chunk.. between the bugs, the screw ups and their **** customer support I wont spend another penny on Kabam
  • Same. I don’t recall how many I bought and sadly did not record or screenshot my opening. I will have to make that a habit to avoid any other issues forward. I know I had to wrong champions in mine because I specifically remember duping my Venom the Duck. Please keep the community updated.
  • JosephAshJosephAsh Posts: 177
    If you contact Google Play or ITunes they will issue you a ‘ cash refund’ Kabam hates this and if you do contact Google Play or ITunes they have to 100% give you back your money. Kabam will also freeze your payment via debit card or credit card if you do this . The unfortunate problem is Kabam refuses to give money back so what happens is Google Play and ITunes have a contract with Kabam that forces Kabam to refund the monies. This will cause Kabam to have hair loss and possibly high blood pressure as they don’t EVER want to feel like they are losing ‘ Money ‘ but they are willing to accept and take players money ... quite ironic if you ask me
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