AQ issues with Scarlet Witch Or ability triggers in general?

I can only describe what is happening and maybe you all can shed some light for me. I have typically used Scarlet in AQ map 5 and 4.
She has been reliable and does her typical "scarletty" things. Lately (in the last two or three weeks or so) she absolutely will not produce regen or many other triggers in AQ. I have checked symbiod abilities and looked for node buffs or debuffs like heal block or ability reduction to see if that is the issue and it is not.
Everywhere else in the game she produces constantly and will trigger regen at least every other match if not every one among her many other triggers.
She is flat in AQ and producing almost nothing. I have crit masteries maxed. She still gets precision, fury, and cruelty in AQ.
26 fights straight in aq now with no regen.
Switch to Master mode, Goldblum, anything else, and she produces.
What am I missing?
Or is she broken in AQ only?

Map 5 I am typically:
Section 1 path 1
Section 2 path 3
Section 3 path 1
I am familiar with heal block nodes when they are there.

Map 4 all different paths.

Thanks and be gentle if I missed something. :)


  • Having same issue here from over month sw haven't triggered regen while doing other content she always do
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