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Help with Loki in Goldblum challenge

Hi guys,

I need some help with this challenge. On paper I have a good roster (R5 Hype, R5 Iceman, R5 Cap WWII, R4 SW, R4 HE, R4 Vision AOU etc.) to complete it easily, but in reality I struggle.
My problem is not completion, but exploration. So far I've done the first 3 paths, but this cost me more items than I dare to say.

Thor - very simple to beat, but I occasionally slip up and get wrecked. However, he is not a problem in general. I use my 4* R5 Hyperion.

Lady Thor - the SP1 is bugged and is not unblockable. I use my Cap WWII on her for the class advantage. Normally, don't have problems unless I **** up.

Angela - it is a long fight, but nothing really hard. Just don't get hit. I use either Cap WWII or Hyperion.

Hulk - like ago, just don't get hit.

Dr. Strange - he is a problem for me on the harder paths. I tried Hawkeye, and if I play perfectly I can keep him from the SP2, but I usually cock up. I see him as potential problem which will cause me to use revives in the harder paths (4,5,6).

The biggest bottleneck is Loki, he is just such an ass to fight. I watched Seatin one-shot him with a R4 OG Spidey on his Whahlemilker account and he made it look so easy. I on the other hand die almost instantly.
Seatin evaded Loki's SP1 very comfortably and then immediately attacked, but when I try it Loki either blocks or intercepts me. I tried staying closer to Loki so there will be not so much ground to cover after the SP1 to attack, but this does not work. I am an Android user, can it be that because the device is slower I cannot react so fast or is it most likely skill which I am missing?

My initial plan was to do the remaining 3 paths one by one, but I fear that Loki will drain my revives/health pots completely so it may be better to do everything in one go and face him only once.

I am curious to understand how other people coped with that.


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    Drewbe14Drewbe14 Posts: 122
    I did it all in 1 run. But i didnt struggle with loki much at all. If ur gettin intercepted after the evade on sp1 just wait for a different in. Push him to sp2 or bait a heavy etc theres lots of ways around him and i didnt have any r5s to do it like u. I used r4s. Id definitely say do it all in 1 run. Best of luck
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    ShrimkinsShrimkins Posts: 1,479 ★★★★
    I would say it's probably your device. Having said that you should be able to just block, dodge heavies, and counter attack.

    The life steal you get will definitely make up for the block damage you take. Don't get too fancy. Rely on that life transfer and you will be fine.
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    Mwhitaker23Mwhitaker23 Posts: 332 ★★
    its a distance thing with loki special 1.. you have to be pretty close to him.. if you are far back don't try to attack after you evade his special 1.. besides that just push him to special 2 as far as your ds problems just use vision. he is way better for controlling power than hawkeye.. I would also recommend using boost so the fights don't last as long for ya.. but apart from that the life transfer node should make it fairly easy to get through
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    LightvayneLightvayne Posts: 516 ★★★
    Magik was my go to for Loki. Have to bait and evade an S1 or S2 near the beginning, but once I got to my S2 and kept him powerlocked, it was all over for the King of Tricks.
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    TheremonTheremon Posts: 62
    I spent a lot of revives on the final Loki, finally took the last half of his health in one run with r4 5* Magik when I finally was able to stay alive long enough to get to my special 2 and power lock him. I used Magik on every fight, used a mutant team to boost her (Wolverine-Magneto-Storm-Redclops).
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    IvankaIvanka Posts: 236
    Loki is not so hard to fight but that damn Bane has cost me so many units...
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    ThawnimThawnim Posts: 1,461 ★★★★
    Theremon wrote: »
    I spent a lot of revives on the final Loki, finally took the last half of his health in one run with r4 5* Magik when I finally was able to stay alive long enough to get to my special 2 and power lock him. I used Magik on every fight, used a mutant team to boost her (Wolverine-Magneto-Storm-Redclops).
    Loki is not so hard to fight but that damn Bane has cost me so many units...

    Bane made him tougher than anything. Once you power lock him with Magik he is not that bad, but I think anything less than a 5/50 Magik would be tough and require some luck.
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    SakkbanSakkban Posts: 96
    I finally did 100% on the Goldblum challenge yesterday.

    My team was

    4* R5 duped Hyperion
    4* R5 duped Cap WWII
    5* R3 duped Ultron
    4* R5 duped Iceman
    4* R4 duped Scarlet Witch

    I ended up doing the remaining 3 paths one by one. Although I did not plan on doing that.

    Last night I was practicing on path D and reached Loki without too much difficulties. So far nothing unusual though.
    However, I tried to calm myself down and played like this does not matter at all. After losing Hyperion and Ultron
    quite fast I managed to take more than 50% of Loki's health in one go with Iceman. As suggested here I did not
    go at him after his SP1, but baited the heavy or tried to push to SP2. This really made the difference though.
    I beat him with 2 revives and this gave me confidence to continue. Unfortunately, I left paths E and F, but it
    turned out that after E the next path is not F but another one which I had already done. So I ended up doing the
    remaining two paths one by one. I did not have too much trouble with Loki after that, I think this was mostly me
    panicking because of the bane, once I got over the nerves it was much easier.

    One tip, I found out that SW was amazing against Angela. She nullified her buffs and stole most of the power do
    I did not have to worry about her specials so much.

    My MVPs were Hyperion and Iceman. I used Hyperion against Thor and Hulk and Iceman against Dr. Strange and Loki.
    Ultron was almost useless, did not help much against Loki and I did not use him against the others.

    One other thing, I chucked a greater champion boost for the last two paths (+30% attack and health) + I put all
    of my mastery points in attack. My defense was with 0 points and I only had parry, dexterity and stupefy in Utility tree.
    This helped a lot as my attacks became much stronger and thus the fights were shorter.

    Out of the rewards I got a Tech gem, don't have Star Lord nor Sparky, so it will have to wait for now.
    Also, got a tech T4CC.

    Thanks for the tips guys, hope my experience helps.
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    This is my squad before i used the 20% health and attack boost compared to when i used it when i got to loki
    I went through most of the champs with my 3* scarlet witch and i didn't have to use any items for health or anything the only tough part for me was loki well not loki but the BANE thingy my health count is not high enough with any of my champs so i would literally die in a second or less any tips would be nice
    This was all on my first run I never tried it again because I thought it was pointless but i feel like it's beatable with these champs
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    I used hood and synergy team YJ AM Rulk Hulk.
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    Sai_7Sai_7 Posts: 246
    edited November 2017
    I used the following 4 * team and did one single run for 100% completion

    R5 Hyperion (Max Sig)
    R5 Voodoo (Max Sig)
    R4 Starlord (sig 80)
    R4 Hood
    R4 Cap Marvel (Sig 75)

    The hard part is Dr,Strange until Loki.
    I used Voodoo against Thor, Jane Foster, Angela, Doc Strange (Power Control)
    Sometimes used hood against Angela for Stagger
    Captain Marvel/SL for Hulk

    Loki, ensure yu always push Bane Degen on him, attack based on the timer
    The thing is don't get too far away from loki to evade his SP1, that way yu can evade and attack
    push him to SP2, easier to evade
    If yu are hit by Bane don't panic, keep hitting on the openings , at the end of it it will be transferred to loki. So stay calm and stay alive.

    Loki SP1 is a little slow, ensure yu evade correctly.

    I used 2 team revives for Loki. don't use health potions, as life transfer is there.

    Its better to face him once than multiple times, so clear all paths and then go on against him.

    Use boosts to make it easier, Hyperion was MVP for that fight for me.. Stacked fury on Heavy and sp2.
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    dkatryldkatryl Posts: 672 ★★★
    edited November 2017
    Honestly, I just used my r5 duped SL for most of the fights, even against the cosmic ones.

    For Strange, I didn't have any power lock champs free, so I used duped WS for the random power drain procs, and tried to bait SP1. My timing on evading the first 2 bursts of his SP2 was borked, so I usually ended up eating them, but unless he chained TWO of them immediately, I could regen the lost life pretty reliably.

    On Loki, himself, I have enough practice playing against his unblockable specials from doing expert proving grounds, that the fight was pretty easy. The only trick was timing the Bane switch so it didn't stay on me.
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