NEW 6* Featured Crystal - What are your thoughts?

No_oneukNo_oneuk Posts: 1,430 ★★★★★
The new 6* featured crystal is here, what do you think? Are you going to open some of these? Which champion(s) are you excited about the most?



  • SpideyFunkoSpideyFunko Posts: 20,891 ★★★★★
    RIP to everyone that pulls cyclops and karnak

    I’m going to use those Cosmic Horror 10k shards to get one of these, can’t wait for my new six star Karnak
  • BitterSteelBitterSteel Posts: 8,900 ★★★★★
    I’m torn with featured crystals. I want to save for Kitty Pryde, but I also have 2 Cosmic T5cc and while Herc would be perfect, I’d want him awakened.

    I think I’m going to wait and see what the two eternal champions look like, see if they’re cosmic. And then this time next month, I’ll go for this featufed if I’m not convinced about them. Anti venom and Knull were hyping me up too, but unless they wow me in the CCP vids, I’m not sure they’re swaying me to wait
  • TheLegend27TheLegend27 Posts: 1,315 ★★★★★
    Hercules, Overseer, Diablo, and Thor Ragnarok are the only ones I'd be interested in. Don't care about Peni Parker, SM 2099, Purgatory, Chavez, Medusa, Iceman, Torch, Gwenpool, Miles, Venompool, Rogue, or War Machine (I either have these champs already, don't like the character, or I'm simply overloaded in that class with other better champs). The rest are either trash or simply not worth pulling for 15k IMO.

    I might pop a few here and there, but I think I'll either go back to basics or just save up for the next featured.
  • CatmanndoCatmanndo Posts: 641 ★★★
    The low end scares me, but there’s major buff potential in those few.
  • BeastDadBeastDad Posts: 441 ★★★
    Yeah no. I’d rather open regular crystals.
  • Burrito2525Burrito2525 Posts: 481 ★★★
    Venompool awakening 1st pull
  • OdachiOdachi Posts: 980 ★★★★

    the generic gem waits longer, waited after about 10 for shang chi, still waiting for herc I guess
  • StevieManWonderStevieManWonder Posts: 5,017 ★★★★★
    Yeah I think this crystal is trash. Even if I wasn’t saving for Kitty, I wouldn’t go for Herc and risk getting Karnak, Cyclops, Guillotine, Gamora, DD, Purgatory, or Chavez.
  • JadedJaded Posts: 5,476 ★★★★★
    Bloody Karnak destroying the hopes and dreams of everyone.
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 11,585 ★★★★★
    I’m gonna be going for it, herc and overseer can replace cmm in my prestige and give me 5 really high prestige champs, s99 seems to have some niche but very solid war uses, torch probably my most wanted non prestige pull and I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to diablo or peni
  • TyphoonTyphoon Posts: 1,439 ★★★★★
    GarrettN said:

    Typhoon said:

    overseer and purgatory in the featured again? :|

    They’ve not been in one yet…?
    Was thinking about 5* featured. Nevermind!
  • Yodabolt21Yodabolt21 Posts: 2,364 ★★★★★
    Opened 1, got Diablo. He was one of 3 champs I wanted! So I am will save now because I don’t need Karnak or Cyclops duepd
  • The_Sentry06The_Sentry06 Posts: 7,762 ★★★★★
    GarrettN said:

    Typhoon said:

    overseer and purgatory in the featured again? :|

    They’ve not been in one yet…?
    *Time traveller forgots which time he is in*
  • MrSakuragiMrSakuragi Posts: 1,414 ★★★★
  • SamdroxtaarSamdroxtaar Posts: 122
    Bugged crystals opening a lot but ended without herc
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