Need Relaxed Ally

I forgot what it was like to be outside of an alliance. No help, loyalty, etc.... But, I would like the benefits of being in an alliance.

What I need:
Relaxed, little to no pressure. No bravado or shenanigans.
Max 5 AQ
AW Gold 1


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    doom_n_gloom check me out on line. We can fit your needs.
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    DomoSlomoDomoSlomo Posts: 63
    don’t see your ID
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    Doofy64Doofy64 Posts: 31
    We run 2bgs with a 66555 schedule and a 5x5 bg. Wars are 2bgs with 1 being assigned and the other is optional/ first come first serve. Hit me up on line at Doofy64 if you're interested or would like more info
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    PosheeshoPosheesho Posts: 45
    We run 2 BGs of map 5 and 1 BG of map 6. Gets us 300mil+ rewards.
    1 BG of AW that is optional.
    Most of us have been playing together for a couple years.
    Laid back group. All adults. Life comes first. Game is chill. 100% clear no problem
    Growing to another BG of a few days of map 6 to hit the 350mil milestone soon-ish. Plenty of map 6 guys at the moment so you could map 5 and chill
    16 alliance empire so plenty of relationships to be made for when you want to sing back into higher stuff.
    Slightly lower war than you’re asking. Should be back to Gold 3 this season as we had a pretty lazy last season.
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    PosheeshoPosheesho Posts: 45

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    hadinordin84hadinordin84 Posts: 126
    My ally is global do map5 AW gold2 add me at line hadinordin84
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    Hawkt1Hawkt1 Posts: 184
    Phoon is recruiting, give me a shout on line app HAWKT1

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    Count_WillisCount_Willis Posts: 121 ★★
    Have a map 6,6,5 and option war Ally that would fit you well!

    Give me a shout in game or on line “count_willis”
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    HavanaknightHavanaknight Posts: 455 ★★★
    Did you find a group? We are very relaxed. We go 5x5 and put up 270 mil in AQ. War is gold 3 (2 bg, optional). War we just look to clear the map. Don’t stress deaths or diversity. If interested, find me on Line: Havanaknight.
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    add me on line and we can chat cesaru94
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