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6 mil alliance running 55444 in AQ looking for a few! (LINE required)

Hiya folks,

BTW-FUHQ2 is looking for some recruits who are interested in an AQ-focused Map 55444 3 BG 100% clear regularly. This rotates us between advanced and expert tier each round of AQ. AW has a lesser focus but we ask for activity on attack and defense and the ability to communicate effectively (we currently move between tiers 7-9).

No alliance event participation required (duels aren't required either) but it is encouraged, and donations are required but the actual amount is up to you (whatever helps towards running those AQ maps). Ranked rewards are typically met in item use and duel skirmish regardless however. 21-40% SA consistently with no holding weeks. No specific team rating required (I'm 160k though many great members are above and below me), but a few R5 4*s or R3 5*s would be helpful towards clearing your AQ/AW lanes (still doable with R4 4*s and R2 5*s however, which I do myself =)).

Overall, we're looking for folks looking to progress nicely towards maintaining an expert tier AQ experience and getting those T4 basics and class cats while having a fun time with the game chatting in a tight-knit group of adults (not wanting members that are children).

Most communication is through LINE and BGs are assigned for AQ/AW. If interested or wanting some more information, hit me up on LINE at shadtheman or the alliance leader herself at bosslady2.0.


  • I forgot to mention that there is an 8800 SA score requirement, most hit it with ease though so I doubt that'd be a deterrent.
  • Bump! Looking for 1 or 2 folks for AQ just under 2 days from now.
  • orballorball Posts: 52
    I guess I can join you
  • orballorball Posts: 52
    I added you as friend in game
    Profile name is orball
  • Bump, looking for 1 more for AW (and AQ returning Saturday).
  • Bump, looking for a couple more before starting AW (Tier 6)/before AQ Sunday (An expert week). Contact the leader of the alliance LINE ID: bosslady2.0.
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