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So far I haven’t spent any money on this game. I would be willing to pay for the game outright, if nothing else, as a nod to the developer’s hard work. The main thing stopping me is conflict of mindset. I’m the kind of person who tends to simply buy things. The concept of buying a chance to get something runs counter to my mind set. I was thinking how to bridge the gap. I have 2 ideas. $5 for a badge that can be used when a 5 star or higher crystal is opened. The badge lets you select the character you want. ...or, $50, and the selection is permanent. Basically, at that point, you bought the game, and all content is available. It gets you nothing in game, really. You still have to grind to get crystals, shards, etc. It just lets you pick what you want each time. For game purchase, it should work on 4 star and up. My rationale is, the menu for opening every 2 star would get cumbersome for those that horde. It would even give a slight edge to power gamers who want to use the duplication effect of opening same one twice. Hey. They paid $50 after all.


  • LOL, $50 isn't a drop in the bucket to what some have spent on this game.
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    It's actually the 'chance' at random characters what keeps the game going. Hate it or love it. But people spend up to thousands of dollars just to get the specific champions that they want. If you could buy all the champs you want for $50 then everyone that is anyone would have all the champions and would be done playing pretty quickly. The only thing keeping most people going is trying to fulfill their roster and getting the specific champs that they are missing.

    I'm all for it. I would love if there was a way to get the champions that I want. But this is simply not that kind of game. Of course, there is always arena for 4 stars, and maybe for 5 stars in the future. If you're willing to no-life grind for 3 days straight.
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    Never gonna happen and will ruin the game. Wish ppl would stop asking. Very disrespectful to the long term vets that haven't spent money. I have had to suffer rng for two years
  • RagamugginGunnerRagamugginGunner Posts: 2,210 ★★★★★
    That would be terrible.
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    If such a feature were to become available (and it won't), it would cost a whole lot more than $50. Kabam just had an offer not long ago to purchase a t4cc of your choice, and even that was $99. For a lifetime guarantee to buy whatever champ you'd like, you would probably be looking at spending in the thousand dollar range.
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    How about some money for the 5 star crystal to be the class you want???
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    CapWW2 wrote: »
    How about some money for the 5 star crystal to be the class you want???

    didn't we have something like that in july?
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